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Effective leaders are continually learning and engaging in inquiry and introspection.

We recognize that the real world isn’t a classroom, and that the most valuable life lessons aren’t available as case studies. The Davis Center is committed to fostering opportunities, tools, and communities to help alumni learn, grow, discover, coach, share, and, ultimately, have greater impact.

The Davis Center aspires to be a dynamic accelerator of pilot programs to bring alumni together in meaningful and often unexpected ways. A few examples of these programs include:

  • The Treehouse: A performance event where members of the Booth alumni community share their non-professional passions and interests and the leadership lessons learned from them.
  • Booth Peer Groups: Small groups of alumni meet regularly to discuss personal and professional challenges and engage in peer coaching.
  • Adventure Capital Challenge: Created by alumni of Booth’s Distinguished Fellows program, this annual program supports two “adventures” proposed by Booth alumni to explore new sources of personal and professional enrichment.

No two leaders’ journeys follow exactly the same path. Diversity is a source of strength for our alumni community, and lessons learned by one can have real relevance for others. We hope you will join your fellow alumni and the Davis Center in exploring the next step in an ongoing process of leadership development.

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