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The Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership

The Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership is an incubator and proving ground for generating new perspectives on leadership.

These perspectives on leadership drive innovation in education and managerial practice. We strive to instill a culture of continual discovery for future generations of students through a deep commitment to collaboration and experimentation.

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Persuasion and Perspective

Professor George Wu discusses the skills students hone in his Advanced Negotiations course.

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Professor Linda Ginzel on Leadership & Skyscrapers

Watch Professor Linda Ginzel’s convocation address to 2017 Executive MBA graduates entitled “Skyscrapers & Leadership: Rising Above Load-Bearing Assumptions.”

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Nancy Tennant

Becoming a Better Leader

Professors Harry Davis and George Wu and Davis Center Advisory Group member Nancy Tennant discuss improving leadership skills by learning through experience.

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Leadership is Not a Spectator Sport

Leadership education spun on its axis in 1992, from theory and conjecture to action and results.

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Ashley Wheater

How to Manage Change

A panel of experts discuss change management in arts, government, and corporate organizations.

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