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Leadership Learning Circles

What are Leadership Learning Circles?

Leadership Learning Circles (LLCs) are designed to provide C-level, senior-level, and mid-level leaders with a peer group in which to listen deeply, share experience fully, and give both insight and support at the group level. 

LLCs are a place for you to regularly connect with your peers on the problems and opportunities you face. They are trusted communities of no more than 10 to 12 leadership-level peers with whom you will work on your professional goals and most relevant and critical personal challenges. 

Are there Leadership Learning Circles in my city?

We currently operate LLCs in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, London, and four cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai, as well as a permanently virtual group for India residents.

We accept applications for these locations on a rolling basis in order to fill in groups when members withdraw, or to launch additional full circles when possible. We also accept applications for locations we don't yet serve and consider that in our launch plans.  

For more information, or to bring LLCs to your city, contact us at DavisCenter@Chicagobooth.edu

The Leadership Learning Circles story

In fall of 2019, we launched a Leadership Learning Circles pilot program with our India-based alumni. The goal of this pilot was to bring a self-sustaining model for lifelong learning and leadership growth to our C-level and senior-level alumni. It was an experiment in structured peer engagement, trust-building, and learning from others' experiences. 

“I’m deeply appreciative of this opportunity to establish mutually supportive relationships with fellow alums … I highly value my group, have risked being vulnerable with them, and have been amply rewarded … I foresee these relationships enduring.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

When creating a cohort, we consider your learning goals and preferences, as well as management level, years of experience, industry, and ability to commit to the program's time requirements. 
We welcome applications from all Full-Time MBA, Evening MBA, and Weekend MBA alumni who graduated in or before 2017; all Executive MBA alumni; and additional Booth communities based on location.
These circles succeed when individuals like you are willing to share deeply from your best and worst experiences, willing to listen more than you've ever listened before, and willing to learn from and with others. We provide a foundation with communications training for all participants and by supporting each circle's moderators. 

We currently operate LLCs in Chicago, London, and four cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai; with plans to expand to more cities every spring and fall.

We ask groups to meet every month for a minimum one-year commitment, with the hope that you'll want to continue indefinitely. In general, meetings last 3 to 3.5 hours including breaks. Groups can choose to hold shorter meetings, but we ask that they consider the value in using the full time to make sure that every member gets a turn to share their challenges. You'll have the freedom to set your own schedules within these guidelines.  

We also ask you to attend a one-time mandatory training prior to the start. 

We are offering LLCs free of charge, thanks to the support of our donors. 
In comparison to previous peer groups, LLCs are not focused on specific topics (Women's Peer Circles) or coaching opportunities (Booth Peer Groups). LLCs are instead designed to create self-sustaining leadership learning groups in which the members provide the content by sharing their own challenges and experiences. They incorporate best practices for communication and learning from peer engagement programs.
Given the current health crisis, LLCs will launch as virtual circles, with the hope that once it is safe, groups can begin to meet in person. The mandatory training will also be delivered virtually.