Workshop on Applied Theory

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Workshop Schedule for Autumn 2019

The Workshop on Applied Theory meets jointly with the Workshop in Economic Theory on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

The workshop organizers for the Spring 2019 quarter are Doron Ravid and Andrew McClellan. For questions or to be added to the list to receive weekly updates, please contact Ari Conterato or Ada Barbosa.

Upcoming Workshops









October 1

Optimal Dynamic Information Acquisition

Weijie Zhong

SHFE 112

October 8

Existence of Trembling Hand Perfect and Sequential Equilibrium in Stochastic Games

Sofia Moroni

SHFE 112

October 15

Misspecified Politics and the Recurrence of Populism (with Ronny Razin and Alwyn Young)

Gilat Levy

SHFE 112

October 22

Keeping the Listener Engaged: a Dynamic Model of Bayesian Persuasion

Yeon-Koo Che

SHFE 112

October 29

Attention Please! (with Colin Stewart)

Jakub Steiner

SHFE 112

November 5

The Black–Scholes–Merton Model as an Idealization of Discrete-Time Economies (precis)

David Kreps

SHFE 112

November 12

Monotonic Norms and Orthogonal Issues in Multidimensional Voting

Xianwen Shi

SHFE 112

November 19

Chiara Margaria

SHFE 112

December 3

Eran Shmaya

SHFE 112

December 10

Chris Chambers

SHFE 112

Past Workshops

We maintain a partial archive of schedules and papers beginning in the autumn of 2005.
Please note that in most cases the archived papers have been significantly revised or published.