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Workshop Schedule for Autumn 2018

The Workshop on Applied Theory meets jointly with the Workshop in Economic Theory on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

The workshop organizers for the Autumn 2018 quarter are Ben Brooks and Emir Kamenica. For questions or to be added to the list to receive weekly updates, please contact James Kiselik or Ada Barbosa.

Upcoming Workshops


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October 2
Exchange Competition, Entry, and Welfare
Xavier Vives
SHFE 112
October 9 Costly Advice, Protests, and Nonbinding Voting Stephan Lauermann
SHFE 112
October 16 Competing Model Pietro Ortoleva
SHFE 112
October 23 Reputation Effects Under Interdependent Values Harry Di Pei
SHFE 112
October 30 A/B Testing for Black Swans  Eduardo Azevedo
SHFE 112
November 6
Overabundant Information and Learning Traps Annie Liang
SHFE 112
November 13
Carpooling and the Economics of Self-Driving Cars
Michael Ostrovsky
SHFE 112
November 20
No Meeting

SHFE 112
November 27
Strategic Communication with Minimal Verification Georgy Egorov
SHFE 112
December 4
Can Society Learn from Anethical Agents? Mediated Learning with Information Attrition Bruno Strulovici SHFE 112
December 11 Learning Multi-item Auctions with (or without) Samples
Constantinos Daskalakis
SHFE 112

Past Workshops

We maintain a partial archive of schedules and papers beginning in the autumn of 2005.
Please note that in most cases the archived papers have been significantly revised or published.