Workshop on Applied Theory

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Workshop Schedule for Winter/Spring 2020

The Workshop on Applied Theory meets jointly with the Workshop in Economic Theory on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

The workshop organizers for the Winter 2020 quarter are Doron Ravid and Andrew McClellan. For questions or to be added to the list to receive weekly updates, please contact Ari Conterato or Ada Barbosa.

Upcoming Workshops

May 26









March 17


Gabriel Carroll

SHFE 112

March 31

Anna Sanktjohanser

SHFE 112

April 7

Ayca Kaya

SHFE 112

April 14

Idione Meneghel

SHFE 112

April 21

Sevgi Yuksel

SHFE 112

April 28

Wouter Dessein

SHFE 112

May 5

George J. Mailath

SHFE 112

May 12

Eduardo Perez-Richet

SHFE 112

May 19

SHFE 112

May 26

Leeat Yariv

SHFE 112

June 2

Daniel Gottlieb

SHFE 112

June 9

Jeffrey Mensch

SHFE 112

Past Workshops

We maintain a partial archive of schedules and papers beginning in the autumn of 2005.
Please note that in most cases the archived papers have been significantly revised or published.