Behavioral Science Workshops

Invited guests, faculty, and students present current research in decision-making and judgment in our workshop series. The emphasis of our workshop series is on behavioral implications of decision and judgment models.

Fall 2018 Workshop Schedule

Location: Chicago Booth Harper Center, Classroom C06
Time: Mondays, 10:10–11:30 a.m., Wednesdays, 11:45 a.m.–1.15 p.m

Monday, September 24

David Dunning
Professor of Psychology
University of Michigan
"Why Ignorance Refuses to Recognize Itself"

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Monday, October 1

Oliver Corneille
Professor of Social Psychology and Organization
Catholic University of Louvain
"There is not much Evidence at all for the Operation of Dual Systems in Attitude Acquisition: Implications for Attitudes and Behaviors"

Monday, October 8

Sunita Sah
Assistant Professor of Management and Organization
Cornell University, Johnson School of Management
"The Unintended Consequences of Disclosing Conflicts of Interest."

Monday, October 15

Yuval Rottenstreich
Professor of Management and Organization
Rady School of Management
"Principled Defection: On Caring that Fails to Activate and Non-Cooperative Behavior"

Monday, October 22

Taylor Philips
Assistant Professor of Management and Organization
New York University, Stern School of Business
"Invisibility Cloaks and Knapsacks: Using Merit to Conceal Privilege"

Monday, October 29

Tim Wilson
Professor of Psychology
University of Virginia, Department of Psychology
"Just Think: The Challenges of Enjoying One's Own Thoughts."

Monday, November 5

Sapna Cheryan
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Washington, Department of Psychology
"Undoing Gender Disparities: A Sociocultural Solutions Model to Reduce Masculine Default Bias in STEM"

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Monday, November 12

Modupe Akinola
Associate Professor of Management
Columbia Business School

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