Behavioral Science Workshops

Invited guests, faculty, and students present current research in decision making and judgment in our workshop series. The emphasis of our workshop series is on behavioral implications of decision and judgment models.

Fall/Winter 2017 Workshop Schedule

Location: Chicago Booth Harper Center, Classroom C06
Time: Mondays, 10:10–11:30 a.m., Wednesdays, 11:45 a.m.–1.15 p.m

Monday, September 25   
Postdoc Presentations by James Dungan, Andrew Meyer and Xuan Zhao
University of Chicago
Monday, October 2
Chris Blattman
Professor of Global Conflicts
University of Chicago Harris School
“The long term impacts of cash grants on poverty: 9-year evidence from Uganda’s Youth Opportunities Program
Monday, October 9 
Olivier Corneille
Professor of Social Psychology
Catholic University of Leuven
Psychological insights on two economic oddities: disposition effect and delay discounting

Monday, October 16
Todd Rogers
Associate Professor of Public Policy
Harvard Kennedy School
Beliefs Supporting Political Extremism and Inaction
Monday, October 23
Alice Moon
Assistant Professor of Operations, Information and Decision
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton
The uncertain value of uncertainty: When consumers are unwilling to pay for what they like.
Monday, October 30
Christine Exley
Assistant Professor of Business Administration in Negotiation
Harvard Business School
Equity Concerns are Narrowly Framed: Why Money Cannot Buy Time?
Monday, November 6
Stephan Meier
Professor of Business Management
Columbia Business School
“Intentions for Doing Good Matter for Doing Well: The (Negative) Signaling Value of Prosocial Incentives”
Monday, November 20
Dean Karlan
Professor of Economics
Northwestern University
“Credit Building or Credit Crumbling? Selection and Treatment Effects of a Credit Building Loan Product”

Wednesday, December 6


Ana Gantman
Princeton University
Morality in Context

Wednesday, January 10


Evan Carr
Columbia University

Wednesday, January 17


Jack Cao
Harvard University
Monday, January 22


Jennifer Dannals
Stanford University
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