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2018 Testimonials

Avi Asher-Schapiro 

Avi Asher-Schapiro, Independent Investigative Reporter, USA
"For any journalist asking hard questions about political economy, the JIR program is an outstanding educational and professional opportunity. The classes are rigorous and relevant. The professors are knowledgeable and accessible. And the other journalists provide a global perspective that is truly unique."

Thomas Hale

Thomas Hale, Financial Times, UK
“The Stigler Center’s Journalist in Residence program is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in an intense academic environment. The program allows you to sharpen your technical grasp of modern business and finance while also exploring the most cutting-edge ideas about how those fields are evolving. The opportunity to engage not only with academics, but other journalists from all over the world, is part of what makes the experience so invaluable. I would highly recommend it to anyone eager to encounter new ideas and have their existing convictions challenged.”

Megha Mandavia

Megha Mandavia, The Economic Times, India
“Stigler Center's Journalist in Residence program is an excellent fellowship for business journalists. It gave me the opportunity to interact with and learn from some of the best minds in the world of Economics and Finance. It also gave me a different perspective about the most pressing issues of our times, and changed the way I approach my stories. The classes are rigorous and require complete dedication to ace them. At the same time, the program is not just restricted to lectures and assignments but also includes seminars and conferences on political economy, antitrust regulations and the future of media. I had the most amazing time there with my fellow journalists.”

Daniel Matamala

Daniel Matamala, CNN Chile, Chile
“The Stigler Center Journalist in Residence Program is not just a unique opportunity for journalists to learn about economic theory. It is also a fascinating immersion in hot current affairs. Are Facebook and Google a blessing for innovation, or a menace for free markets? How far is the real world from the ideal of free competition? Is ‘ethics in business’ an oxymoron? Is the USA already an example of crony capitalism?
The Stigler Center asks the right questions, and its diverse faculty give a lot of different answers. Beyond any caricature, the University of Chicago is an exciting place of academic debate. As JIR fellows, we were able to participate in discussions with top world experts about many topics on today’s agenda.
And believe me, it is an incredible experience to read a book or a paper and just knock on the door of the author to have a conversation about it! I had a great time both on and off campus (Chicago is a breathtaking city), and it opened my mind to a new way of thinking about economy, finance and politics. I can´t think of a better way to spend 12 weeks of my life.”

Jayme Poisson

Jayme Poisson, Toronto Star, Canada
“The Stigler Center’s Journalist in Residence Program was an incredibly enriching experience. It gave me the opportunity to study fundamentals, like financial statement analysis and microeconomics, and to gauge where the discourse is on big issues, like whether government should regulate big tech companies. The seminars and conferences introduced us to cutting edge research and new perspectives on the world. The program also gave me the opportunity to network with professors, students and other journalists. I cannot recommend this program enough.”

Jacob Schlesinger

Jacob Schlesinger, Wall Street Journal, USA
“The Stigler fellowship is a tremendous opportunity for all journalists interested in deepening their studies of the political economy. Participants have access to the best minds on campus through classes they audit, as well as seminars organized especially for the group. I found the program's flexible format perfect for my needs, giving me both structure and support to take advantage of the university's resources, and the freedom to pursue my specific interests. The Center did a wonderful job of selecting a diverse range of fellows from around the world -- our group had members from six different countries -- and I learned as much by bonding and interacting with the other journalists as I did from the professors.”

Dylan Tokar

Dylan Tokar, Global Investigations Review, USA
“I’m grateful to the Stigler Center for the chance to participate in its one-of-a-kind journalist-in-residence program. My fellow residents and I were given unparalleled access to the faculty and course offerings of one of the country’s top business schools. To be able to take Booth classes, taught by some of the school’s biggest stars, alongside MBA students, proved invaluable. Participants are introduced to the work of the Stigler Center, which has become an important voice at a time when the corrupting influence of big business has reached new heights. I left truly impressed by the Center and its staff. Luigi, Guy, and their colleagues deserve a great deal of credit for making this opportunity available to journalists in the US and abroad.”

Zhang Qi

Zhang Qi (Archie), Financial Times, China
“The Journalist in Residence program offers great transformative experience to journalists. It enables me to meet world-class researchers, to learn about the latest academic findings, and to walk away with great friendships. During twelve weeks' stay in Chicago, I have attended classes on banking, accounting, and crony capitalism. That knowledge gives me a new way to look at current affairs and the Chinese economy. I would highly recommend this program to anybody who is interested in business journalism.”

2017 Testimonials

Alana Rizzo 

Alana Rizzo, Epoca, Brazil
“The Journalists in Residence Program is a transformative experience. Classes, conversations, and encounters are going to shake up the way you think about the world and your role on it. The network and the relationships you build are also unique.”

Alexandra Fattal

Alexandra Fattal, The Economist, UK
“The Stigler Center’s Journalist in Residence program is a wonderful experience. It offers fascinating insight into economics and business education, and the opportunity to learn from and engage in stimulating debate with, both the university’s brilliant faculty and fellow students. It’s also great fun.”

Jana Kasperkevic

Jana Kasperkevic, Marketplace, USA
“When I was in college, I studied politics and journalism. I never studied business before becoming a journalist and have always thought of going back to school to fill that gap. The Journalist in Residence program at the Stigler Center was exactly what I was looking for. During the ten weeks that I spent in Chicago, I got to take three classes on topics such as central banks, managing the workplace and business ethics. I walked away from the program with a whole new way of looking at the subjects that I cover.
I also met with some of the brightest minds of our country. The faculty was welcoming and approachable as were the students. Not only did I learn more about business and met potential future sources, but I have also made lifelong friends in the other of the program’s journalists.
My only wish is that the program was longer.”

Sharad Vyas

Sharad Vyas, The Hindu, India
“It is a great pleasure to recommend the Stigler Center’s Journalist in Residence (JIR) Program to future journalists from around the world and India. As somebody who was looking to take a short break from the rough-and-tumble world of investigative journalism, the Booth experience was definitely one that I will never regret. I am grateful I had the opportunity to participate in the Stigler Center’s Journalist in Residence (JIR) Program and attend a quarter at the prestigious Chicago Booth School of Business.
The hybrid program gave me an opportunity to access cutting-edge research in the world of finance, economics, and accounting. The academic course covered a lot of information delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb.
The format gave me the confidence to implement new techniques, especially related to accounting and finance, in my writing and investigative journalism. I can’t speak highly enough of this program.”

Brooke Fox

Brooke Fox, Financial Times, USA
“The Journalist in Residence fellowship is a world class program that I highly recommend for any business journalist who is curious to learn more about business, economics, and academia. This remarkable fellowship provided rigorous classes, insightful research and great friendships.”

Chunxiao Li

Chunxiao Li, Tradingmen, China
“The Journalists in Residence Program at the Stigler Center offered me a fresh perspective to look at the world and China. I found the experience empowering and transformative.”

Francine McKenna

Francine McKenna, Marketwatch, USA
“The Stigler Center Journalist in Residence fellowship is a wonderful way for journalists to meet the researchers, and learn about the latest research, in political economy, competition, crony capitalism and the influence of money on politics. We also enjoyed an opportunity to audit classes in Chicago Booth’s MBA program, too. Doing so gave the eight JIRs the theoretical foundation for discussions in special seminars led by center leader, globally renowned economist Luigi Zingales, and Guy Rolnik, a media entrepreneur, journalist, and lecturer at Booth. Luigi taught me a new word, peggiocrazia, the political opposite of meritocracy based on patronage and favoritism instead. Guy introduced us—hand-picked from media organizations all over the world—to cases describing media capture, media bias, and the business of media. I highly recommend the fellowship to any journalist interested in exploring the potential for big business to corrupt politics and, in particular, the media.”

Asaf Shalev

Asaf Shalev, Former Columbia University Reporting Fellow, USA/Israel
“The Journalists in Residence program was born out of a deep appreciation for the contribution journalists make to society. In a time when reporters are undervalued and under-resourced, the Stigler Center at the University of Chicago has stepped up to offer us an enriching opportunity. Engaging with fellow journalists from around the world and with academics from within and without the university, I acquired practical expertise and new intellectual tools to interpret the world around me. I can think of no better way for a journalist to learn about what’s happening at the cutting edge of finance and economics.”

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