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How many courses can participants audit during the program?

Participants audit three classes.

Are there any predetermined paths of study, or will Stigler Center advisors help participants build specific curricula?

We will suggest a few pre-established paths, but participants are free to choose a la carte given the availability of seats in the class.

Do participants audit classes of their choice or are classes selected for them?

Participants are free to choose their classes given the availability of seats in the class. Note that some courses may require prerequisites or additional permissions.

Can participants continue working for their company during the program?

Yes; however, participants should note that the workload for the program is heavy. Participants will be required to complete all course assignments while also attending Stigler-organized seminars.

Can participants write articles for the ProMarket Blog?

Yes, participants can write for the blog, but they are not required to.

Will there be collaboration with journalists from other newspapers during the program?

One of the goals of the program is to bring together like-minded journalists from around the world. We encourage participants to work as a cohort and collaborate.

Would this program be recognizable as continuing education for foreign journalists?

The program will issue certificates of attendance to participants. It is up to the participant's host institution to decide whether this program can be recognized as continuing education or not.

Is the stipend subject to tax withholding?

For international participants the stipend is subject to tax withholding of 14 percent, depending on the tax treaty between the participant's country and the United States. Please consult your country's tax treaty for more information.

Is the program open to freelance journalists?

Yes, the program is open to freelance journalists.

Is the program open to editors?

Yes, editors are welcome to apply.

Is there a preference for newspaper and traditional journalists versus those in new media such as blogs?

No, journalists working in all forms of media are welcome to apply.

Is the spring 2020 course schedule available online?

Yes, please visit the course search page to view all Chicago Booth courses being offered in spring 2020. Please note that not all courses will be available for auditing, as availability may depend on seats available, prerequisites, and permissions. To search for courses, click here.

What type of visa is issued to international participants?

International participants are usually issued J1 visas.

Should participants already have a lot of knowledge about economics before the program?

It is useful to have some basic knowledge of economics and accounting, but it is not a requirement. The courses will likely be more challenging for those without background knowledge in economics.

What type of articles should be submitted in the application?

Applicants should submit articles that are indicative of their best work. Articles on political economy and Stigler-related topics are preferred, but not required.

What does the Stigler Center gain by having journalists in residence?

The Journalists in Residence program is part of the Stigler Center's mission to educate and inform.

The criteria under "Who Can Apply" appears rather broad, how should I pitch myself for the program?

In your pitch, tell us about your work, your passions, and your plans.

For any question not addressed here, contact:

Rachel Piontek, Assistant Director

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