Reputation, Regulation, and Communications-How Media Influences Business

Course Number: 42123

Instructor: Guy Rolnik

Quarter: 2016 (Autumn)

All businesses face multiple stakeholders: shareholders, customers, employees, activists, NGOs, politicians and regulators. Businesses interact with all these stakeholders mainly through the media. The media shape their reputation vis-a-vis their stakeholders, the way they are regulated, their costs, and their opportunities. This course explains how media influences companies and industries and how companies can affect this interaction. We start by analyzing the economics of media companies and how they work on the commercial and editorial sides. We continue by going deeper into the interplay between media, regulators and companies and we focus in depth on media and the financial markets, crisis communication management and the role of the internet and social networks.

Crony Capitalism

Course Number: 35220

Instructor: Luigi Zingales

Quarter: 2017 (Spring)

Level: Undergraduate only

The economic system prevailing in most of the world today differs greatly from the idealist version of free markets generally taught in economic classes. This course analyzes the role played by corporate governance, wealth inequality, regulation, the media, and the political process in general in producing these deviations. It will explain why crony capitalism prevails in most of the world and why it is becoming more entrenched also in the United States of America. The course, which requires only basic knowledge of economics, welcomes undergraduates.

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