Sizable Crowd Attends the Stigler Center's Welcome Back BBQ

September 30, 2016

On September 30, a large crowd of UChicago students and faculty attended the Stigler Center’s Welcome Back BBQ, held at the Harper Center in Chicago Booth.

The event aimed to introduce the Stigler Center and its initiatives to the faculty as well as the student body. Posters hung around the room displayed the wide array of activities at the center—its research efforts, Case Study program, the ProMarket blog, the Campaign Financing Capture Index, upcoming events, and classes led by center-affiliated faculty—while members of the center answered questions and explained to students how they, too, can get involved. 

Despite unfriendly weather conditions, the event drew a sizable crowd of 264 students, both from Chicago Booth and from other UChicago departments as well. While enjoying the complimentary food, participants wandered around the different stalls and engaged in lively discussions with the Stigler Center staff. Stigler Center director Luigi Zingales and co-director Guy Rolnik mingled with the attendant crowd, explaining the center’s mission and its goals.

As the inaugural event of the fall quarter, the BBQ marked the beginning of what is certain to become a year of tremendous growth and transformation for the Stigler Center. Please join us as we continue to expand the center’s research and outreach in the coming year.

Here are some photos taken at the BBQ:

BBQ Stigler

BBQ Stigler

BBQ Stigler



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