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Temporary Part-Time Communications Manager

The Stigler Center is looking for a Temporary Part-Time Communications Manager to help promote and disseminate the content and initiatives that are related to the Stigler Center’s mission of understanding the interaction between politics and the economy, with a specific focus on regulatory capture, crony capitalism, and the various forms of subversion of competition by special interest groups.

The Temporary Part-Time Communications Manager position is responsible for communications-related tasks in Chicago Booth’s Stigler Center She/he will be a key member of a passionate and nimble team, and will participate in developing and primarily executing the strategy for online and offline communications, social media, and website content to create visibility for and consistently articulate the Stigler Center’s mission. The Communications Manager is creative, executes on tasks, detail oriented and a self-starter. They will contribute to ensuring that the Stigler Center is viewed as a primary source, disseminator, and conduit of information on its core focus topics.

This position is 20-30 hours/week (M-F) with minor weekend work to maintain social media and occasionally longer work weeks during peak times. This position is expected to last 9-12 months.


  • Execute the marketing and communications plan across target internal and external audiences, including working with the Stigler ProMarket blog team with Booth’s Marketing and Communications
  • Develop and execute a strong and successful social media strategy for the Center and with the ProMarket team
  • Execute marketing and communications plan to promote content across platforms, including social media campaigns
  • Strategize on optimal ways to increase engagement with peers, students, and potential partners
  • Update and manage the Center’s website (using Sitecore)
  • Develop deep familiarity with Stigler Center content and related digital properties (ProMarket blog and Capitalisn’t podcast)
  • Developing deep familiarity with Stigler Center content and related digital properties (ProMarket blog and Capitalisn’t podcast).
  • Promote and help plan for Stigler Center events by: creating announcements/posters/digital signage, managing RSVP process on Eventbrite, creating and circulating event notifications on Mailchimp, advertising live feed.
  • Write/copyedit content, including tweets, Facebook/LinkedIn posts, newsletters, announcements, presentations, web content, and other products related to Stigler Center’s activities (e.g., annual reports, project proposals, marketing material for events and conferences, etc.)
  • Assemble, write, and assist with design/layout/printing of various collateral for promotion/dissemination
  • Develop and implement metrics to assess effectiveness and impact; track and measure engagement levels within/across the platforms over time
  • Execute strategic digital campaigns, email blasts, event promotions, etc.; manage Center email lists
  • Maintain Center’s YouTube channel, keep video content organized, assist with informal video production (interviews for social media) as needed; video editing skills a plus
  • Cover Center events, live-tweet, engage on other social media, take notes/pictures
  • Support Stigler Center programming and projects as needed

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Requisition Number: JR07032

Ongoing: Research Assistant

The Stigler Center invites current undergraduate and graduate students to apply for paid research assistant (RA) positions.

The research assistant’s work will vary greatly depending on the nature of the research project, but may include: data entry and library searches, data management and statistical estimations, helping set up online surveys or computer studies, or summarizing information from sources in languages other than English. Projects may be short term or long term and some projects may require special skills, while others may be suitable for those without prior research experience.

Please keep in mind that the Stigler Center seeks RA support with varying volume and frequency throughout the year. After an applicant submits their RA application form, they will be added to an active directory of students interested in serving as Stigler Center research assistants when the need arises. Our team will reach out to suitable candidates for projects as they become available.

Interested students should complete the Stigler Center RA Application form.

Our team will follow up with selected applicants in order to further assess skills and experience, and may request additional information as needed.

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