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Managing Editor, ProMarket

The Stigler Center is looking for a Managing Editor to oversee coverage of the global political economy, with full editorial and managerial responsibility for content published on ProMarket.


Launched by the Stigler Center in 2016, ProMarket is a publication that focuses on the myriad ways in which special interests can subvert competition. Since its inception, ProMarket has been growing exponentially, reaching 80+ citations in academic papers and books, in addition to citations in the media including Bloomberg, Financial Times, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, New York Magazine, Politico EU, The Intercept, The Nation, The New Republic, Vox, and more.

A combination of an academic publication and a journalistic endeavor, ProMarket publishes in-depth analyses of current issues related to antitrust and competition, regulatory capture, money in politics, and rent-seeking, as well as op-eds, reviews, commentaries, and coverage of impactful academic papers and books. We are committed to gathering and disseminating information on the nature and costs of the subversion of competition, and to doing so in a nonpartisan way that adheres to the economic principle that competition enhances welfare.

The Managing Editor has full editorial and managing responsibility for content published on the blog and will be responsible for building on the successes of ProMarket and expanding its contributors, readership, and impact.


  • The Managing Editor will oversee coverage of the global political economy, with full editorial and managerial responsibility for content published in ProMarket.
  • Supervise the work of the ProMarket Writer/Editor
  • Work closely with ProMarket’s Writer/Editor and regular contributors; assign writing tasks, guidance, and editing of pieces. Commission potential external editors as needed.
  • Coordinate the coverage of academic papers, stories, and interviews with ProMarket’s editorial board.
  • Ensure published content abidance to University and ProMarket guidelines.
  • Brainstorm and produce thoughtful, captivating pieces that drive conversation and engagement.
  • Solicit varied pieces from potential contributors; encourage academics across the spectrum to write for ProMarket and assist them in preparing their articles, if needed.
  • Work across all social media channels to ensure ProMarket's content makes an impact.
  • Coordinate with Writer/Editor in managing the ProMarket social media accounts.
  • The Stigler Center produces a variety of cutting-edge content, from working papers and research to conferences and talks, as well as the Capitalisn’t podcast. As Managing Editor, you will take a leading role in shaping Stigler Center content, from Center reports to event coverage and project proposals.
  • Assist in selecting, and engage with and draw upon the experience and background of the Stigler Center Journalists in Residence to enrich ProMarket content and expand its impact, while also contributing to shaping the next generation of leaders in business reporting.
  • Represent ProMarket at relevant conferences and events
  • Enhance and manage PR and Media relationships.

What We're Looking For:

  • Experienced writers and editors with a background in business reporting and/or political economy, a track record of assigning pieces and stories that drive engagement and debate, a deep contact list, and an appetite for meaningful work, who are eager to continue the work of making ProMarket a leading voice in debates regarding antitrust, regulation, money in politics, , public policy, and related topics.
  • Commitment to the Stigler Center’s mission of understanding the interaction between the economy and the state through research, education, and outreach; explaining the news and academic research in a way that elucidates topics to non-experts while still deepening the understanding of the experts.

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Requisition Number: JR08547

Ongoing: Research Assistant

The Stigler Center invites current undergraduate and graduate students to apply for paid research assistant (RA) positions.


The research assistant’s work will vary greatly depending on the nature of the research project, but may include: data entry and library searches, data management and statistical estimations, helping set up online surveys or computer studies, or summarizing information from sources in languages other than English. Projects may be short term or long term and some projects may require special skills, while others may be suitable for those without prior research experience.

Please keep in mind that the Stigler Center seeks RA support with varying volume and frequency throughout the year. After an applicant submits their RA application form, they will be added to an active directory of students interested in serving as Stigler Center research assistants when the need arises. Our team will reach out to suitable candidates for projects as they become available.

Interested students should complete the Stigler Center RA Application form.

Our team will follow up with selected applicants in order to further assess skills and experience, and may request additional information as needed.

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