Center Leadership

The Stigler Center team advances the work of the Center through developing and organizing conferences and other events that help bring important economic issues before policy makers, researchers, and scholars. They are also responsible for finding financial support from foundations and other sources to help continue the Center’s research activities.

Faculty Director
Luigi Zingales
Robert C. McCormack Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance

Director Emeritus
Sam Peltzman 
Ralph and Dorothy Keller Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Economics

Sam Peltzman's research has focused on issues related to the interface between the public sector and the private economy. Topics include banking regulation, automobile safety, pharmaceutical innovation, the political economy of public education, and the economic analysis of voters and legislators. He has served as senior staff economist for the president's council of economic advisors. Peltzman is the author or editor of several books including Political Participation and Government Regulation and Deregulation of Network Industries: What's Next.

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