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Alumni Board Connect

Alumni Board Connect matches Chicago Booth alumni with nonprofit organizations to serve as directors on their boards. Through this program, both the alumni and the organizations benefit from the effective matching service and subsequent networking and educational opportunities.

How to get involved

Alumni Board Connect is available in Chicago, Twin Cities, and New York City. Organizations in these cities may apply if they are a registered nonprofit in good standing with their state of residence and have open seats on their board of directors.

New York City: Applications are now closed for ABC NYC.
Twin Cities: Applications are now open in Twin Cities and close on December 19.
Chicago: Applications open in Chicago will open on April 7, 2017.

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Things we look for

  • A match between the graduate’s interests and passions and your organization’s mission and values
  • Alignment between the graduate’s expertise and skills and your organization’s needs
  • Agreement in regards to both time and financial commitments expected from board members

Benefits to your organization

  • Opportunity to welcome a Booth graduate to your board of directors
  • Access to the intelligence, commitment, and rigorous thought process associated with the Booth School of Business
  • Attendance at educational and networking programs throughout the year focused on nonprofit board effectiveness

How it works

You, as a representative of a nonprofit organization, fill out an Interest Assessment, which allows for individualized matching. At the same time, Booth alumni apply through an application process. Once they are accepted into the program, Social Enterprise Initiative staff work to find an organization whose needs and mission align with those of the graduate.

When we are confident we have found you a quality potential match, you will receive the alumnus's resume and additional interest information. At that point, you would proceed with your board development process. It is important to note that the intention of this program is to match a full member of your board of directors, and it is critical that he or she is approved in the same manner as your current directors. He or she should be held to the same terms and policies that are in place for your board of directors and, while we will remain in communication with and offer support to the individual over their first year on the board, this program should not replace how your board of directors is managed or how this individual is integrated into your organization.

Over the course of the year, the Social Enterprise Initiative will facilitate educational and networking events exclusively for participants of Alumni Board Connect. A representative from your organization may attend as a benefit for participating in this program.

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