The Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation at Chicago Booth is committed to supporting the social impact aspirations of alumni at all points in their careers.

The Rustandy Center works closely with the Booth’s Career Services office to provide opportunities for alumni to explore different career paths in the social sector.

Additionally, the center hosts the Social Impact Leadership Series (SILS) in Chicago and Hong Kong, which brings social impact innovators to campus to discuss trends in the sector and connect with alumni, students, and community members.

For a list of upcoming SILS events in Chicago and Hong Kong, visit this page.

Seminar on Social Impact Career Transitions

For alumni interested in moving from the private sector into a new position in the social impact field, the Rustandy Center holds the annual ​Seminar ​on ​Social Impact ​Career ​Transitions. This ​daylong ​event ​hosted ​by ​Booth’s ​Rustandy Center ​and ​Career ​Services aims to ​​support Chicago ​Booth ​alumni ​who are working or have worked ​in ​the private sector and provide tools ​and ​insights ​helpful in ​pursuing ​a ​new ​career ​in social impact.

To learn more about the Seminar on Nonprofit Career Transitions, visit this page.

Doing Good is Serious Business

The Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation is the destination for people committed to helping solve complex social and environmental problems. As Chicago Booth's social impact hub, we build on the school's grounding in business fundamentals with experiential learning and research-based insights. Then, through programs, including the John Edwardson, '72, Social New Venture Challenge and training for nonprofit board members, we equip our community with the knowledge and tools to positively impact humanity.

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