Alumni Board Connect: Alumni Information

Our Goal

To effectively match you, a Chicago Booth graduate, with an organization to serve as a director on their board, as well as provide educational training opportunities for both parties, thereby creating benefits for both you and the organization.

To Participate

The next cycle of Alumni Board Connect is scheduled to begin in spring 2015. The program accepts applications from Chicago Booth alumni who have graduated at least three years ago (including and prior to 2012). If you have further questions, email Erica Phillips, assistant director of SEI.

Things we look for

  • A match between your interests and passions and the organization’s mission and values

  • Alignment between your expertise and skills and the organization’s needs

  • An equal understanding in regards to both time and financial commitments

Benefits to you

  • Give back to a cause by getting involved in a meaningful way

  • Use your leadership skills firsthand in areas of group process, influence, interpersonal communications, and conflict resolution

  • Get exposure to issues of strategic planning, resource allocation, human capital management, crisis management, etc.

  • Put to use your knowledge of management, negotiations, and organizations

  • Network with like-minded individuals in the social sector to build your personal and professional network

  • Enhanced resources to find a board that fits your interests and skill sets

  • Exclusive educational and networking programs throughout the year focused on nonprofit board effectiveness

  • Free registration to Chicago Booth’s On Board Conference on February 27, 2015, and an invitation to an exclusive VIP lunch during the program

How it works

As a Booth graduate, you apply by filling out the application and submit your resume online (link is above). If you are accepted into the program, the Social Enterprise Initiative staff will then work to find an organization whose needs and mission align with your interests. You will have the opportunity to confirm your interest in the organization before the nonprofit is sent your application information. 

Once SEI makes a recommendation to the nonprofit organization, they will follow the procedures their board uses to add new directors. This will most likely include a phone call or in-person meeting with a member(s) of their board development committee and being voted in at a board meeting. It is important to note that you will be a full member of the organization’s board of directors and therefore it is critical that you are approved in the same manner as current directors. You will be held to the same terms and policies that are in place for the current board of directors and, while we will remain in communication with and offer support to you over your first year on the board, this program does not supersede how the board of directors is managed or how you are integrated into the organization. Additionally, you are responsible for your own due diligence to the organization before you join their board.

Over the course of the year, the Social Enterprise Initiative will host educational and networking events exclusively for participants of Alumni Board Connect. Representatives from the partnering organizations may attend as a benefit for participating in this program.

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