Taiger (formerly playence)

Taiger, formerly Playence, is a European firm specializing in knowledge access solutions. It provides corporations with more efficient annotation and access to multimedia assets by exploiting the semantics of information using a web-based multimedia management suite featuring semantic-based, cross-language search, browsing, and interlinking engine. It has a global scope, having branches in Spain, US, UK, and Switzerland.

NVC Team Members: Sinuhe Arroyo, Ozelin Lopez, and Silvestre Losada, Katharina Siorpaes

Track: Global NVC

Year: 2011

Place: 1st Place

Prize: $5000

Founded: 2009

Company Leadership:

  • Sinuhe Arroyo, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Jose Maria Isardo, CFO

Headquartered: Madrid, Madrid (Spain)

Industry: Software

Social Media: @Taiger_CO