Prep Me

PrepMe Corporation (acquired by Ascend Learning in 2011) aims to create a new paradigm in secondary school education by combining innovative technologies with the highest quality educational content. In this way, they can provide students with scalable, personalized feedback while engaging them through quality curricula. PrepMe aims to prove their model by first applying it to the test preparation industry; first the SAT, then the ACT, AP, PSAT, and TOEFL exams, and eventually to secondary education across America.

NVC Team Members: Karan Goel, Auichal Gara, Joe Jewell, Samuel Dixon, Michael Dworecki, Shweta Narayan, and Adam Smith

Track: Traditional NVC

Year: 2005

Place: 1st Place

Prize: $20,000

Favorite NVC Memory: ”The feedback from Waverly that almost made me cry only to make me stronger.” -Karan Goel

How NVC Helped the Most: ”Setting me on to an entrepreneurial path. After selling my first company, I have now founded another in the Chicagoland area.” -Karan Goel


  • Acquired by Ascend Learning in 2011