First Principals

First Principals

NVC Team Members: Adam Cox, Janine Givens-Belsley, Lisa Lee-Herbert, and Jason Wright

Track: Social NVC

Year: 2012

Place: Finalists

Favorite NVC Memory: "The process of refining our pitch and business plan according to feedback from judges in each round was very helpful." --Janine Givens-Belsley

How NVC Helped the Most: "I am in an entrepreneurial/growth strategy role for my current organization (an education nonprofit). I have personally expanded the organization to two new cities, impacting 40,000+ more students over the past two years--I attribute this success largely to my experience in SNVC--the experience with pitching and talking to funders and everything that we learned in the class leading up to the competition about sustainability of nonprofit ventures, etc... has given me a tremendous framework to inform my entrepreneurial work." -Janine Givens-Belsley