Bolder Thinking

Bolder Thinking decided to take a completely new approach to call center software design and delivery. Instead of building call center and business telephony software the old fashioned way, using traditional methods of development, delivery, and implementation, our founders started with a clean sheet of paper and built a true, cloud based, software platform that enables customers to run their business in the way that the business needs to be run, not the way that the software requires. 

Team members: John Jasper, Annie Lin, Jason Pariso, Graeme Smith, James Van Vleet, David Ward

Track: Traditional NVC

Year: 2010

Place: 3rd Place

Prize: $10,000

Company Leadership:

  • Nicole Hushka, VP Product Development
  • James Van Vleet, VP Technology Architecture

Headquartered: Columbus, Ohio (USA)

Industry: Business Solutions

Social Media: @bolderthinking


  • Acquired by WS Live December 2015