Eligibility Requirements

All returning students at the University of Chicago are eligible to apply to the CNVC and enroll in the Chicago Booth CNVC course for credit. First year students may participate as unenrolled team members, and may audit the CNVC class (not for credit). It is highly encouraged that applications are submitted as a team with cross-functional expertise. At least one member of the team must enroll in the CNVC course. This course counts towards Trott Business Program and Dougan Scholars requirements.

Alumni of the university and individuals not affiliated with the university are eligible to apply to the CNVC as long as they have at least one current UChicago College student as an integral member of the team (i.e., someone with a minimum of 10% equity stake in the venture). However, only current UChicago students are allowed to present in class and at the finals event; other team members may participate in the Q&A only.

Prepare and Apply
*The Core of the business model for the Social New Venture Challenge (SNVC) must be the social mission. At least one current UChicago student on the team must enroll in the respective class.