The Edward L. Kaplan, '71,
New Venture Challenge is run
by the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship
and Innovation and is


This year marks the 21st
continuous year of the program.

  • TAINA wins first place at the 2017 Global New Venture Challenge

    At the 2017 Global New Venture Challenge Finals, TAINA won first place and received $15,000.

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  • TransparentC wins top honors at the 2016 New Venture Challenge

    TransparentC, a start-up that provides crowdsourced compensation and job satisfaction information to job seekers and students, takes home first place and $90,000 at the University of Chicago’s nationally-ranked business accelerator.

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  • AccessArc and JoinGiving tie for first in the 2016 Social New Venture Challenge

    A web platform for inmates who need help navigating the legal system and a start-up that works to help businesses partner with charitable giving organization through shared customers each receive $20,000 in prize money.

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  • Student Loan Payment Start-up, CommonCents takes home first place at the College New Venture Challenge

    These University of Chicago undergraduates are working to solve the issue of student debt in the U.S. The team was awarded $15,000 for their first place victory.

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  • 160+ Companies launched still in business
  • $575+ Million funding raised
  • $4+ Billion in mergers and exits