• Tenured and tenure-track faculty, PhD students, and postdocs are eligible to have direct access. Researchers may not share the data with individuals not registered and approved by the Kilts Center.

  • Eligible faculty may use the data for teaching purposes of undergraduates or master’s level students. The faculty member must accept full responsibility for the student’s use in the classroom or independent study setting.

  • Each individual eligible to access the data must have a subscription at her/his own institution.

  • Access by PhD students or postdoctoral researchers requires a subscription by the student's or postdoc's advisor. The advisor must be a full-time tenured or tenure-track professor from the same institution. The PhD student or postdoc and the faculty advisor are required to register individually. 

Project criteria

  • Researchers may use the data for strictly academic research projects focused on important issues of wide and general interest.

  • Research projects commissioned, sponsored or funded by an industry source, government organization, industry group, nonprofit organization, or private company must be reviewed and approved by Nielsen as part of the registration process. Unapproved research of this nature is strictly prohibited.

  • Narrowly focused projects on subjects of interest only to specific industries or firms may be declined.

  • Use of the data for consulting purposes of any kind, including litigation support, is strictly prohibited. Projects with a primary purpose of evaluating Nielsen's data collection approach or methodologies will not be approved.

  • Researcher must not disclose any personally identifiable information about consumer panelists or details that would permit re-identification of Nielsen's consumer panelists.

  • Researchers must not disclose any information about specific retailers or individual stores, or details that would permit re-identification of Nielsen's retailers or individual stores.

  • Researchers must not disclose UPC-level pricing data that Nielsen received from retailers.

Use requirements

  • Every eligible researcher must register and provide an annual status update. 

  • Data must be stored only on devices and computers owned by the subscribed institution. No amount of data should ever be stored on a personal computer. 

  • Within 15 days of a subscription end date or deactivation, each researcher must verify destruction of all copies of the data.

Papers and Publication Policies

  • Presentations, papers and publications must include the following citation “Researcher(s) own analyses calculated (or derived) based in part on data from The Nielsen Company (US), LLC and marketing databases provided through the Nielsen Datasets at the Kilts Center for Marketing Data Center at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The conclusions drawn from the Nielsen data are those of the researcher(s) and do not reflect the views of Nielsen. Nielsen is not responsible for, had no role in, and was not involved in analyzing and preparing the results reported herein.

  • Working papers and publications must be submitted to the Center at least 30 days in advance of any type of public dissemination (including SSRN) or final publication.

  • Any distributed materials may include only limited excerpts of Nielsen information—"limited excerpt" means such portion of the Nielsen data that would not ordinarily substitute for a purchase of access to the Nielsen data.

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