Marketing Fellowships

Each year, the Kilts Center offers a unique Marketing Fellowship program that combines annual scholarship assistance with a mentoring relationship for two years. The mentoring component provides Marketing Fellows the opportunity to interact with a senior marketing executive from the Kilts Steering Committee, giving them an edge over their peers when they are ready to enter the job market.

Marketing Fellowships are awarded in all three rounds of admissions to the Full-Time MBA Program. All admitted students are considered for a Marketing Fellowship. However, candidates must:

  • Plan to choose a concentration in marketing
  • Plan to pursue a marketing or general management career after graduation
  • Have a demonstrated track record of professional and academic excellence

Each award recipient receives a fellowship and will interact with the sponsor over the course of the student's MBA program.

Class of 2019 Marketing Fellows

  • Anne Delmar - mentored by Danny Sack
  • Shota Ido - mentored by JG Chirapurath
  • Monisha Shivakumar - mentored by David Neenan
  • Lindie Wang - Henry J. Rak Fellow, mentored by Henry Rak
  • Patrick David Yates - mentored by Howard Brandeisky
  • Benjamin Drew Ziomek - mentored by Brian Dominguez

Class of 2018 Marketing Fellows

  • Audrey Ballard - mentored by Vijay Talwar
  • Veena Bontu - mentored by Julie Roehm
  • Ines Gancho - mentored by Michael Armstrong
  • Annie Gorman - mentored by Michael Osanloo
  • Jill Hoang - mentored by Tom Doctoroff
  • Giselle Hsu - mentored by Keith Martino
  • Matthew Lieberman - mentored by Brad McLane
  • Amanda Torcivia - mentored by Carl Johnson
  • Nicole Wain - mentored by Todd Tillemans 

Class of 2017 Marketing Fellows

  • Katie Cromer - mentored by Paul Hillen
  • Belen Juri Colella - mentored by Howard Brandeisky 
  • Ali Klein - mentored by Colin Kinsella
  • Ellen Nazarenus - mentored by Henry Rak
  • Carolina Toro Palacios - mentored by Karen Katen
  • Mario Yang - mentored by Lee Hillman

Class of 2016 Marketing Fellows

  • Pratik Khandelwal - Mentored by Edgardo Navarro 
  • David Paulmeyer- Mentored by Brad McLane 
  • Laura Meister - Mentored by Thomas David Doctoroff
  • Stephanie Nowell - Mentored by M. Carl Johnson, III 
  • Heather Rubacky - Mentored by Ted Wright 

Class of 2015 Marketing Fellows

  • Lisa Baker - James M. Kilts Fellow
  • Will Han - CS Bhaskar Fellow
  • Jackie Klein - Kilts Center Marketing Fellow
  • Matt Riezman - Henry Rak Fellow
  • Jake Gomolinski-Ekel - Michael Osanloo Fellow

Class of 2014 Marketing Fellows

  • Cindy Chow - Carl Johnson, M. Carl Johnson, III Fellowship
  • Amanda Ganske - Karen Katen, Karen L. Katen Fellowship
  • Aneliya Valkova - Paul Hillen, Cargill Fellowship

Class of 2013 Marketing Fellows

  • Andrea Govier, Lee S. Hillman Fellow
  • Lisa Hill, Gilbert Baldomero de Cardenas Fellow
  • Justen Knight, Henry Rak Fellow
  • Mikhail Lakirovich, James Tyree Fellow
  • Jeffrey Schoenfield, James M. Kilts Fellow
  • Anna Tchugunova, Thomas David Doctoroff Fellow

Class of 2012 Marketing Fellows

  • Ryan Bennett, Dick Buell Fellow
  • Luyang Chen, Karen L. Katen Fellow
  • Lu Yun Cao, Michael D. Hsu Fellow
  • Lataros Graves, Pizza Hut-Yum! Brands Fellow

Class of 2011 Marketing Fellows

  • Jeff Cullinane, M. Carl Johnson, III Fellow
  • Stephen Hammond, Gary I. Singer Fellow
  • Lindsay Howie, Karen Seitz Fellow
  • Elaine Kanak, James W. Lewis Fellow
  • Jeremy Schellin, Thomas David Doctoroff Fellow
  • Stacey Stern, Henry Rak Fellow

Class of 2010 Marketing Fellows

  • Mark Cormier, Lee S. Hillman Fellow
  • Celeste Liou, NetPlus Marketing Fellow
  • Maayan Pinhassi, James Tyree Fellow
  • Roberto Michelassi, CS Bhaskar Fellow
  • Susan Thuresson, Bill and Eleanor Lebowitz Fellow

Class of 2009 Marketing Fellows

  • Stephanie Bennett, Sergio Zyman Fellow
  • Danny Bowen, Philip A. Clement Fellow
  • Meghan Friesen, Karen L. Katen Fellow
  • Kyung Hyang Ha, John Mutch Fellow
  • Amanda Jones, Rishad Tobaccowala Fellow
  • Karen Suszko, William McComb Fellow
  • Sonia Urintsev, Jerry W. Levin Fellow

Class of 2008 Marketing Fellows

  • Ashwin Chandramouli, James M. Kilts Fellow
  • Lindsey Jameson, Bill and Eleanor Lebowitz Fellow
  • Lakshmi Kota Karanth, Henry Rak Fellow
  • Goksu Nebol-Perlman, M. Carl Johnson, III Fellow
  • Jennifer Oldham, Harry Davis Fellow
  • Yumi Sawai, Lee S. Hillman Fellow
  • Emily Strobel, Thomas David Doctoroff Fellow
  • Alexander Ward, David G. Whalen Fellow