Experiential Learning

Chicago Booth offers students and company sponsors a comprehensive, project-based experiential opportunity. Our total immersion curriculum is offered in the Management Labs. We also offer select marketing courses designated as labs because there are projects embedded within the courses.

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Marketing Research

This course provides students with a toolkit of market research approaches and techniques to help them define key research questions that underlie strategic marketing decisions. Students collect and analyze data, and develop the strategic implications of the research findings.

Under faculty supervision, students work with their client sponsor on a project and present their final analysis to management.

Types of Projects:

  • Estimating market potential
  • Segmenting the market to identify target customers
  • Improving advertising and pricing policies
  • Designing and positioning new products
  • Identifying opportunities and obstacles in current market performance

New Product Development

The primary purpose of this course is to provide marketers with an in-depth understanding of new product development practices - including innovation product strategy and process, customer needs identification, idea generation, concept development and optimization, forecasting, and launch. 

Type of Projects:

  • Customer needs assessment (unmet needs) and features to address
  • Ideation and screening to identify high-potential product/service concepts
  • Concept testing to identify ideal combination/scenarios
  • Conjoint analysis

Management Lab

This total immersion course complements Chicago Booth's strong training in business theory by providing a problem-solving experience. It accelerates the process by which students learn to manage themselves and others when developing solutions to real-world business problems. Students gain tools for solving complex problems and obtain detailed feedback regarding their performance as managers, team players, and problem solvers. View sampling of past sponsors »

Chicago Booth offers company sponsorship opportunities in a variety of marketing lab classes where students work on real-world marketing projects as part of an in-classroom insight and action learning curriculum. Sponsor companies receive high-quality, low-cost, research-based consulting, while students gain experience applying their classroom knowledge to live marketing problems.

Under faculty and project mentor guidance (unique to Chicago Booth), a team of MBA students work with their client sponsor on a 10-week project, presenting their final analysis to management. While the focus is often consumer-oriented, there are some opportunities in a business-to-business setting. Companies (products or services) of any size are ideal for marketing lab projects.