Chicago Booth Marketing Faculty: In-depth Profiles

The Chicago approach to marketing is about integrating disciplines under a data-driven, result-oriented, pragmatic strategy. 

In the classroom or in the field, Chicago Booth faculty encourage students to challenge assumptions, debate ideas, and defend solutions.

Daniel Bartels 

Associate Professor of Marketing

Dan Bartels recently completed teaching his first marketing course at Chicago Booth, where he drew upon his background in psychology, his past and current research, and his prior teaching experience at Columbia to provide an unparalleled academic experience. When he’s not teaching, Bartels’s attention is focused on a variety of research projects around consumer decision making. 

Øystein Daljord 

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Øystein Daljord recently joined the Chicago Booth marketing faculty. His expertise is in empirical dynamic pricing and distribution channels. He teaches Going to Market: Managing Channel Strategy, an applied course that relies on an agency theoretic framework for managing the people and firms that come together to bring a product to the market.

Pradeep K. Chintagunta 

Joseph T. and Bernice S. Lewis Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing

The Chicago Approach to marketing is about integrating disciplines under a data-driven, result-oriented, pragmatic strategy. Pradeep K. Chintagunta sees firsthand how much value the approach adds to the lives and careers of Booth students.

Jean-Pierre Dubé 

Sigmund E. Edelstone Professor of Marketing
Director, Kilts Center for Marketing

Amid the ever-changing marketing practice, Jean-Pierre Dubé works closely with his students to keep his research current and relevant, while enriching his classes with new challenges and higher standards. The students, he finds, always rise to the challenge.

Günter J. Hitsch 

Professor of Marketing

An economist by training, professor Günter Hitsch builds on that background for his research and focuses on advancing statistical tools to analyze consumer behavior.

Anita Rao 

Associate Professor of Marketing

One of the newest members of the marketing faculty, Anita Rao brings an expertise in quantitative marketing and empirical industrial organization with specific interests in online content, digital distribution, emerging markets, and research- and innovation-intensive industries. Prior to Booth, Rao earned her PhD in marketing from Stanford University.

Bradley Shapiro 

Assistant Professor of Marketing and Beatrice Foods Co. Faculty Scholar

Bradley Shapiro has spent his entire academic career studying economics and now he’s bringing this perspective to Booth’s Kilts Center for Marketing. Shapiro applies the rigor of economics to the marketing classroom by combining data and theory in an innovative way. 

Abigail Sussman 

Assistant Professor of Marketing and Beatrice Foods Co. Faculty Scholar

Driven by the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded researchers and the chance to bring her own perspective to a flexible marketing curriculum, Abigail Sussman joined Chicago Booth’s world-class faculty in 2013. She will combine her extensive experience in psychology and business in her upcoming marketing strategy course and in her ongoing consumer behavior research projects.

Oleg Urminsky 

Professor of Marketing and True North Communications, Inc. Faculty Scholar

Oleg Urminsky equips his students with a thorough understanding of how to find the data they need and then how to interpret it, preparing them to tackle problems with a balance of intuition and skepticism.