The Kilts Center depends on the active engagement of alumni who share our commitment to advance data-driven marketing.

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Booth marketers are renowned for reframing problems to find better solutions and for making knowledge richer and more relevant. They fundamentally alter the course of organizations through the power of bigger, better, and more enduring ideas. Read more about our alumni leaders with a background in marketing »

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Sponsors of marketing lab courses receive cost-effective, top-tier consulting from a team of Chicago Booth students. Students work with faculty and project mentors to apply Chicago's unique analytical rigor to sponsor companies' marketing projects, presenting their data-driven insights at the end of the 10-week course. Learn more about marketing lab sponsorship »

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The Kilts Center for Marketing relies heavily on friends and alumni to support our programs. Your gifts and endowments can be used to support any area of our work. Find out how to give to the center »

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