Brad McLane, '83

Brad Mclane

Managing Director, RSR Partners

Member, Kilts Center Steering Committee

2013 Profile

As a member of the Kilts Center Steering Committee, Brad McLane brings unique insight to the future of marketing at Chicago Booth. In his role at RSR Partners, McLane leads executive recruiting for a variety of industries in the marketing field. He hopes to build on his recruiting experience to offer valuable support on new Kilts Center initiatives that aim to expand the influence of the Kilts Center to a broad range of industries.

Redefining a Discipline

The Booth discipline is built on the value of empirical truth, and in this vein, the Kilts Center reflects the importance of marketing based in quantitative fact, over a more faith-based approach.

Some CMOs still say, “Hey, trust me, believe me, and just have faith.” And there are few investors who accept that attitude.

Likewise, a lot of our clients are saying we need to have much more of a metric-driven, output-oriented effort in marketing, and that’s where Booth can take the lead. Booth’s rigorous curriculum and data-driven approach to marketing sets our students up for great potential.

Mounting Influence

When I sit down and talk to Booth students, I hear their passion and their diverse interests, and I see how the center can expand its influence. The Kilts Center, as the academic clearinghouse for Nielsen marketing data, specifically has a chance to engender this fact-based approach to all of marketing.

This is how marketing at Chicago Booth will make broad impacts on the field of marketing, starting with the consumer products good industry and beyond. We have the opportunity to take the Booth quantitative expertise and influence how marketing is done in business-to-business, health care, credit cards, and tech industries.

Emulating an Icon

We have a role model in the Booth family and the opportunity to learn from its success. In the early 60s, Jim Lorie launched the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) whose mission it is to distribute securities data and make an impact on research and practice. It became a major player in making the school famous through the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

I see a lot of parallels between the Kilts Center and CRSP, and I think Kilts can do the same for marketing as CRSP did for finance. I’m thrilled to be a part of it, not for me personally as much as for the school, and for the smart, data-driven marketers, who will rise up and rule the marketing world.