Economic Experts Panels

The IGM explores economists’ views on vital policy issues. Our two Economic Experts Panels poll over 90 European and US economists regularly on a range of topics. We include ways for them to explain their answers if they wish, and we share results with the public in a simple format.

Board Quotas for Women

Board Quotas for Women

This week our European experts weighed in on how quotas for women board members would affect corporate profits and Europeans generally.

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Areas of Influence

The IGM Economic Experts Panels have contributed to Policy debates and Media coverage of economic issues. They are also having an influence in Classrooms and on Research.


The IGM Economic Experts Panels have been referred to in Congressional testimony. When Douglas Elmendorf — as Director of the Congressional Budget Office — testified before the House Budget committee and was asked about a fiscal stimulus, he cited the US panel in support of his response.


The panels are an excellent resource for journalists. For example, when David Brooks, New York Times columnist, was writing about changing views among politicians towards trade deals, he cited the US IGM Economic Experts Panel as evidence that many thought trade deals were a good idea. Review Brooks's article and relevant IGM Panel questions. A recent experts panel poll on tax reform was cited in the Financial Times and a New York Times editorial.


The Economic Experts Panels are now featured in leading economic textbooks, such as those by Paul Krugman and Gregory Mankiw – two widely used undergraduate texts.


The panels have also been valuable to researchers. Data from the experts’ responses have been used to study the sources of consensus and disagreement among economists, for example, as well as to compare these views to those of the public. Learn More.

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