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Alumni Advice: Best leadership lesson ever

Successful Booth alumni across numerous industries—including GEP cofounder and CEO Subhash Makhija, ’96, and Lotika Pai, ’08, cofounder and CEO of Powwful—share the best advice they ever received about leadership.

Their most impactful wisdom about leadership comes from parents, their so-called “career board of directors”— mentors and sponsors who give candid feedback and good advice—and from Harry Davis, the Center’s namesake.

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Alumni Advice: Best Leadership Lesson Ever

Their advice emphasizes:

  • The importance of knowing that change is constant no matter what role you’re in.
  • Being prepared for sudden change.
  • The value of not only being confident in any and all decisions you make but also taking full responsibility and accountability for your actions.
  • The importance of listening, especially as you gain experience that will drive your belief in taking action in a specific way.
  • Opening one’s mind to new agendas, and empowering others, allowing them to take part in your vision.