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Activities and Experiments

The Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership serves as an incubator for experiments and new initiatives related to leadership development and experience-based learning.

The Davis Center for Leadership’s notion of experimentation is rooted in the following principles:

  • Experimentation involves generating a hypothesis and collecting data. This fits Chicago Booth’s distinctive intellectual culture of constantly asking questions, testing ideas, and seeking evidence. Therefore the Davis Center is committed to a rigorous means of evaluating new initiatives, seeking opportunities for collecting quantitative and qualitative data to support actionable conclusions to scale across leadership contexts.
  • The Davis Center is committed to building on the many strengths of the school while trying entirely new approaches to helping our students, alumni, and partners become more impactful leaders. As a result we plan to contribute a body of proven approaches to the fields of leadership development and experience-based learning.
  • The Davis Center has the goal to inspire and encourage others to adopt this sense of experimentation. This includes how students and alumni experiment with their own learning; how faculty experiment with innovative ways to deliver content and make it applicable and actionable for students; and how professionals experiment with leadership development activities within their firms.

Faculty, staff, students, and other individuals and groups interested in accessing Davis Center resources or guidance to run experiments or pilot new initiatives should contact Nat Grotte.