The Fama-Miller Center is designed to encourage more academic research in finance, a discipline that constantly evolves. The last few decades have brought an explosion of new markets, instruments, and financial institutions. We have seen rapid changes in the nature of and access to information. In this environment, the Fama-Miller Center has become a vital resource.

"We intend to make sure Chicago Booth remains the top global destination for finance researchers," Sunil Kumar, dean of the school, has said. "Finance is one of our core strengths, and we have no intention of resting on our laurels."

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Research activities at the Fama-Miller Center currently focus on the following topics:

The Effects of Refinancing Credit on Housing Investment 
Meru Bhanot, Economics PhD Student

Real Effects of Banking Productivity
(Branch-level Deposit Productivity Estimation)(Bhue)

Public Pensions and State Government Debt Spreads
Chuck Boyer, Chicago Booth PhD Student

The Rise of Goodwill 
Peter Chen, Chicago Booth PhD Student

An Anatomy of the Chinese Stock Market Intervention
Zhiguo He, Professor of Finance, Chicago Booth

The Real Spillover Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy
Krisztina Orban, Econ PhD Student

Privatization of the Banking Sector and Misallocation
Krisztina Orban, Econ PhD Student

Purchase of Equifax-BKFS CRISM (Credit Risk Insight Servicing McDash) Data
Joseph Vavra, Associate Professor of Economics, Chicago Booth

The Equilibrium Effects of Asymmetric Information: Evidence from Consumer Credit Markets
Seth Zimmerman, Assistant Professor of Economics and Richard N. Roset, Chicago Booth