About Us

The center is named in honor of Nobel laureate Eugene F. Fama, Robert R. McCormick Distinguished Service Professor of Finance, and Nobel laureate Merton Miller. Their contributions to the field of finance and the investment industry are transformative.


The center's mission is to maintain and advance the legacy of Fama and Miller by providing the institutional structure and resources required to push forward the boundaries of research in finance.


The activities of the center can be divided into five broad areas:

  1. Research Infrastructure - The center provides the internal infrastructure and organization to support finance research at Chicago Booth. A centralized location to manage access to financial data and provide simple data assistance was created and launched in June 2012. Fama-Miller Center policy (PDF) on databases.
  2. Funding and Support for Large-Scale Projects - Some large-scale projects require funding and institutional support beyond what individual faculty can provide. For example, the center supports the experimental evaluation of decision making, the interaction of traders in markets, large-scale survey work, or the use of large databases with feeds from multiple markets at high frequencies.
  3. Scholars - The center provides a home for visiting scholars and funds conferences and other public research activities.
  4. PhD Students - The center provides support to the PhD program and its students, both financially and intellectually.
  5. Outreach and Communications - The Fama-Miller Center furthers the marketing and dissemination of research to the academic, industry, student, and media communities with efforts including the Fama-Miller Working Paper Series for academic writing.