The Fama-Miller Center was founded to promote and enhance academic research in finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

The Fama-Miller Center was founded to promote and enhance academic research in finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. We build on a deep and distinguished tradition represented by the seminal contributions and intellectual and personal leadership provided by Gene Fama and Merton Miller. The center's mission is to maintain and advance this legacy.

The nature of finance research has changed dramatically over the last few decades. In part, the world we study has changed. We have seen an explosion of new markets, instruments, and financial institutions. We have seen rapid changes in the nature of and access to information. New corporate structures and funding mechanisms have emerged, and regulation has expanded and shifted. In part, the nature of the research business itself has changed. The profession is much larger and more specialized. The internet and vastly expanding data have changed how we work. And, of course, ideas have advanced.

These developments have sparked a broad and diverse set of research programs, requiring new levels of support and collaboration. In this evolving world of finance research, the model of individual faculty acting alone, even if well funded, is no longer adequate. The institutional structure and resources provided by a center will be crucial to achieving our goals. These are public goods that individual faculty cannot provide.

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Research Highlights

President Kiska

Andrej Kiska, President of Slovak Republic

Andrej Kiska, President of Slovak Republic, spoke with Professor Lubos Pastor in a fireside chat. President Kiska was an entrepreneur in the financial services industry before he turned into a global leader. He shared his views on his entrepreneur experience, as well as, his views on leadership, public service, and global affairs. Click here to watch the video>


Conference in Honor of Douglas Diamond

The Fama-Miller Center hosted a conference celebrating Professor Diamond's extremely productive and influential academic career. The papers and presentations can be viewed online.
Click here to view photos from the event.


Douglas Diamond Wins Onassis Prize in Finance

Douglas Diamond, Chicago Booth Professor and former Fama-Miller Center co-director, is awarded the Onassis Price in Finance. The Onassis Prizes are awarded to the world’s foremost academics in the fields of finance, international trade and shipping, to honour outstanding academic achievements that have had international significance. Learn more>


Economic Rockstar: Eugene Fama 

Eugene F. Fama discusses Efficient Market, Hypothesis, the Feds Fund Rate, Bitcoin, and Daily Routines with Frank Conway, founder of Economic Rockstar podcast.
Learn more>


The Fama Porfolio

The Fama-Miller Center recently hosted an event to celebrate the publication of “The Fama Portfolio,” an edited collection of papers written by Eugene Fama, along with introductory essays by many of his colleagues. This was an opportunity to not only celebrate his works, but also present the book to Professor Fama. The event also included a panel discussion on asset pricing with John Cochrane, Tobias Moskowitz, Kenneth French, Eugene Fama, and William Schwert. View Photos>