Optional Macau Itinerary

The visit to Macau will highlight the entrepreneurial forces at work that have transformed Macau from a seedy gambling island town to the world's largest gambling destination that has attracted $1 billion plus investments from seasoned Las Vegas entrepreneurs and companies.

Also in addition to the official Entrepreneurial Immersion trip, other optional trips include sightseeing in Beijing and Xi'an.

Option C: Macau
Sept. 4
Take an early morning ferry to Macau and learn as a leading game and casino operator discusses the financial imperative for the mega-investments occuring in Macau. In the afternoon, learn the history and evolution of gaming in Macau. Hear about the current legal, regulatory, licensing, and investment issues related to entrepreneurial startups in the services and convention sectors from industry experts in commercial gaming and senior government officers from the licensing commission and investment bureaus. In the evening, enjoy a networking dinner with GSB alumni and community entrepreneurs.
Sept. 5
Spend the day visiting various Portuguese-era sights, including a world heritage relic.
Sept. 6
Flight Home

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