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Winter 2015 Workshops

Location: Chicago Booth Harper Center, Classroom 06  

Wednesday, February 4

Jon Maner
“The essential tension between leadership and power”

Monday, February 9

Daniel Casasanto
“How the Body Shapes Emotion in Brain and Behavior”

Monday, February 16

Laura Kray
University of California, Berkeley
“Written in the Stars or Just a Coincidence? Self-Construal Predicts Gender Differences in Fate Cognition”

Monday, February 23

Alia Crum
“Mindsets, Placebo Effects and the Social-Psychological Creation of Reality”

Monday, March 2

Jonathan Freeman
New York University 
“More Than Meets the Eye: Split-Second Social Perception”

Monday, March 9

Alin Coman
“Socially Constructed Cognition: From Individuals to Communities”