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Winter 2012 Workshops

Location: Harper Center, Classroom 06
Times: Mondays, 10:10–11:45 a.m. 

Friday, January 6

David Rand
“Slow to anger and fast to forgive: Cooperation in an uncertain world”

Monday, February 6

Tim Pleskac
Michigan State University
“Judgment Field Theory: A Model of Belief Formation”

Monday, February 20

Loran Nordgren
Northwestern Kellogg
“How Empathy Gaps influence Social Judgment: Implications for torture policy, school bullying, and handgun legislation”

Monday, March 5

Reid Hastie
“The Answer to the Riddle of Induction”

Monday, March 26

Nick Epley
“The Problem with Principle #8”

Monday, April 2

Dan Benjamin
“Do People Choose what they Think Will Make them the Happiest?”