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Winter 2011 Workshops

Location: Classroom 06
Time: Mondays, 10:10–11:30 a.m.

Monday, January 10

Kurt Hugenberg
Ohio State University
"An Integrative Perspective on the Cross Race Effect in Face Recognition"

Monday, January 24

Katherine Kinzler
Comparing the Role of Language, Accent, and Race in Guiding Children’s Social Reasoning"

Monday, January 31

Ruth Mayo
Hebrew University
"Negation Processes and Implications"

Monday, February 7

Maike Luhmann
"The Short- and Long-term Relationships between Subjective Well-Being and Life Circumstances"

Monday, February 14

Rob Goldstone
Indiana University
"The Collective Consequences of Individual Decisions to Imitate and Innovate"

Monday, February 21

Leaf Van Boven
University of Colorado
"Political Polarization Projection"

Monday, February 28

Dilip Soman
"Looking Ahead: Duration Markers and Their Effects on Choice"

Monday, March 7

Alison Ledgerwood
University of California
"Evaluative Flexibility and Consistency: The function of Construal Level"