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Winter 2010 Workshops

Location: Classroom 06
Times: Mondays, 10:10–11:30 a.m. | Wednesdays, 11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. | Thursday, 10:10am - 11:30 in Classroom 02

Wednesday, December 2 

Michael Kraus
University of California at Berkeley
"Social Class, Rank, and Ideology: Threat, Agency, and Interpersonal Relationships"

Monday, December 7 

Francesco Gino
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Wednesday, January 6 

Kurt Gray
Harvard University 
"Moral Typecasting: Mind Perception and the Dyadic Structure of Morality"

Monday, January 11 

Jesse Graham
University of Virginia 
"Ideological Conflicts as Opposing Moral Visions"

Wednesday, January 13 

Wilhelm Hofmann
University of Wurzburg 
"The Horse and the Rider: Impulse and Self-Control from a Dual-Systems Perspective"

Wednesday, January 20 

Kanchan Mukherjee
"Decision Making Under Risk: A Dual Process Approach"

Monday, February 15 

Adam Alter
New York University 
"Shaken and Therefore Stirred: The Benefits of a Metacognitive Awakening"

Monday, February 22 

Joan Chiao
Northwestern University 
"At the Frontier of Cultural Neuroscience" 

Monday, March 1 

Derek Rucker
Northwestern University 
"How Power Affects Consumption by Shaping Value"

Thursday, March 4

George Lowenstein
Templeton Visiting Scholar 
"Behavioral Economics and Conflicts of Interest"