Spring 2015 Workshops - Roman Family Center | Chicago Booth

Spring 2015 Workshops

Location: Chicago Booth Harper Center, Classroom 06  

Monday, March 30

Eugene Caruso
University of Chicago Booth School of Business       
"The Temporal Asymmetry in Mental Time Travel"

Monday, April 6

Dana Suskind
University of Chicago, Medical School
"Nudging a Population to Talk More to their Children: Thirty Million Words" 
Paper 1 | Paper 2

Monday, April 13

James A. Evans
University of Chicago
"How Science Thinks"

Monday, April 20

Maya Shankar
Social Behavioral Sciences Team
"A Government for the People: Using Behavioral Science to Design Polices that Work Better and Cost Less"

Monday, April 27

Samuel McClure
Stanford University
"Neural and Cognitive Processes That Underlie Intertemporal Choice"

Monday, May 4

Nicholas Turk-Browne
Princeton University
"Statistical Learning in the Mind and Brain"

Monday, May 11

Alice Eagly
Northwestern University 
"Observations of Groups' Social Roles Shape the Content of Their Stereotypes"

Monday, May 18 

Sharon Shavitt
University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign 
"Preferences Don't Have to be Personal: A Cross-Cultural Model of Attitudes"

Wednesday, May 20 

Dean Spears
Executive Director
Research Institute for Compassionate Economics (RICE)
"The Challenge and Puzzle of Open Defecation in Rural India: How Can Decision Science Help?"

Monday, June 1

Ariel Kalil
University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy
"PACT (Parent and Children Together) Report on a Field Experiment Trial"