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Spring 2012 Workshops

Location: Harper Center, Classroom 06
Times: Mondays, 10:10–11:45 a.m. 

Monday, April 9

Don Moore
University of California at Berkeley
“Acting Confident”

Monday, April 16

Bob Rehder
New York University

Monday, April 23

Nava Ashraf
Harvard University
“No Margin, No Mission: A Field Experiment on Incentives for Pro-Social Tasks”

 Monday, April 30

Josh Tenenbaum

Monday, May 7

Jonah Berger
University of Pennsylvania
“Virality, Word-of-Mouth, and Drivers of Social Transmission"

Monday, May 21

Stephan Meier
Columbia University

Monday, June 4

Tania Lombrozo
University of California at Berkeley
“Explanation: The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful”