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Spring 2010 Workshops

Location: Classroom 06
Time: Mondays, 10:10–11:30 a.m. 

Monday, March 29 

Jane Risen
Chicago Booth
"Why People are Reluctant to Tempt Fate" 

Monday, April 5 

Benoit Monin
Stanford University
"Resenting Those Who Do the Right Thing" 

Monday, April 12 

Pete McGraw
University of Colorado, Boulder
"Humor, Marketing, and Moral Violations" 

Monday, April 19 

Greg Walton
Stanford University
"Latent Ability: Grades and Test Scores Systematically Underestimate the Intellectual Ability of Negatively Stereotyped Students" 

Monday, April 26 

Jonathan Schooler
University of California
"What was I thinking? Meta-awareness and the challenges of keeping track of one's mind" 

Monday, May 3 

Wendy Mendes
Harvard University
"Embodied Decision Making" 

Monday, May 10 

Kristina Olson
Yale University
"Inequity Aversion in Children" 

Monday, May 24

Dolly Chugh
New York University
"The Ethical Consequences of the Cognitively Loaded Decision Maker"