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Spring 2009 Workshops

Location: Classroom 06
Time: Mondays 10:10 a.m.–11:30 a.m.

Monday, March 30 

John Cacioppo
University of Chicago

Monday, April 6 

Wendy Wood
Duke University
"Are Habits a Type of Self-Regulation?"

Monday, April 13 

Dolores Albarracin
University of Illinois
"The Social Regulation of Action and Inaction"

Monday, April 15 

Max Bazerman
Harvard University
"Bounded Ethicality"

Monday, April 20 

Keith Payne
University of North Carolina
"What Mistakes Disclose" 

Monday, April 27 

Brian Wansink
Cornell University 

Wednesday, April 29 

Nick Barberis
Yale University 

Monday, May 4 

James Pennebaker
University of Texas
"How Our Words Reflect Individual and Group Behavior"

Monday, May 11 

Mahzarin Banaji
Harvard University 

Monday, June 1 

Eldar Shafir
Princeton University