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Spring 2006 Workshops

Location: Charles M. Harper Center Classroom 06
Time: Mondays 10:10 a.m.–11:30 a.m

Monday, March 27 

Jonathan Haidt
University of Virginia
"Intuitive Ethics: How Five Sets of Evolved Intuitions Give Rise to Culturally Variable Virtues, and to the Culture Way" 

Monday, April 3 

Jerker Denrell
Stanford University
"Learning from endogenous samples" 

Monday, April 10 

Daniel Batson
University of Kansas
"Moral Masquerades"

Monday, April 24 

Cass Sunstein
University of Chicago
"Do Judges Make Regulatory Policy? An Empirical Investigation" 

Monday, May 1 

Jason Riis
Princeton University
"Preferences for Enhancement Technologies: Taking Self-Improvement Seriously" 

Monday, May 8 

Daniel Wegner
Harvard University
"Authorship Processing: How Do You Know That Your Actions Are Your Own?" 

Monday, May 15 

John List
University of Chicago
"Toward an Understanding of the Economics of Charity: Evidence from a Field Experiment" 

Friday, May 26

Rick Larrick, Duke University
"The Futility of Chasing the Expert"