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Fall 2016 Workshops

Location: Chicago Booth Harper Center, Classroom C06

Monday, September 26

Oeindrila Dube
University of Chicago (Harris School)
"Can the Wounds of War be Healed? Experimental Evidence on Reconciliation in Sierra Leone"

Monday, October 3

Samuel Gosling
University of Texas, Austin
"Putting Personality in its Place: The Expression of Personality in Everyday Life"

Monday, October 10

Paola Giuliano
University of California Los Angeles
"Long Term Orientation and Education Performance"

Monday, October 17

Lee Ross
Stanford University
"My Lewinian Journey: From the Fundamental Attribution Error to the Intervention in Intractable Contracts"

Monday, October 24

Liane Young
Boston College
"The Structure of Morality"

Monday, October 31

Felix Warneken
Harvard University
"The Developmental Roots of Human Cooperation"

Monday, November 7

Jeanne Tsai
Stanford University

Monday, November 14

Shigehiro Oishi
University of Virginia
"Socio-ecological psychology: Thinking through social ecology"