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Fall 2012 Workshops

Location: Harper Center, Classroom 06

Monday, October 1

Richard Eibach
University of Waterloo 
"Protecting Women from the Racialized 'Other': How Gender Ideologies Function to Rationalize Racial Hierachies" 

Monday, October 8 

Paul Eastwick
University of Texas at Austin
"Online Dating: A View from the Perspective of Psychological Science" 

Monday, October 15 

Nicole Stephens
Northwestern University
"Navigating the Social Class Divide: A Diversity Intervention Improves the Academic Performance of First-Generation College Students and the College Transition for All Students" 

Monday, October 22 

Clayton Critcher
University of California, Berkeley
"Predicting Persons' vs. A Person's Behavior" 

Wednesday, October 31

Jan De Houwer
Ghent University
"A Functional-Cognitive Framework for Attitude Research" 

Monday, November 5 

E. J. Masicampo
Wake Forest University
"How the Availability of Physiological Resources Affects Perceptions, Decisions, and Actions" 

Monday, November 12

Deborah Smal
University of Pennsylvania 
"Signals of Selfish Motivation in Altruistic Behavior" 

Monday, November 21

Maya Bar-Hillel
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
"I'm Here, Choose Me! How Location Affects Choice" 

Monday, November 26 

Daniel Effron
Kellogg School of Management 
"Inventing Racist Roads Not Taken: The Licensing Effect of Immoral  Counterfactual Behaviors"

Wednesday, December 5

Paul Piff
University of California, Berkeley
"Rich and Poor: Toward a New Psychological Science of Social Class"