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Fall 2009 Workshops

Location: Classroom 06
Time: Mondays 10:10–11:30 a.m.

Monday, October 12 

Christoph Klauer
University Freiburg
"How Are Spontaneous Evaluations Activated? Some Thoughts on Associations, Connectionist Models, Spreading Activation, and Exemplar Models"

Monday, October 19 

Jean Decety
University of Chicago
"What can neuroscience tell us about empathy and sympathy" 

Monday, October 26 

Derek Koehler
University of Waterloo
"Probability Matching in Choice Under Certainty: Intuition vs. Deliberation"

Monday, November 2 

Daniel Read
Yale University
"Framing and Context Effects in Intertemporal Choice" 

Monday, November 9 

Eli Finkel
Northwestern University
"Romantic Attraction"

Monday, November 16 

Devin Pope
University of Pennsylvania
"Is Tiger Woods Loss Averse?"