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Fall 2006 Workshops

Location: Charles M. Harper Center Classroom 06
Time: Mondays 10:10 a.m.–11:30 a.m.

Monday, September 25

Gwen Wittenbaum
Michigan State University
"Strategic Information Sharing in Decision-Making Groups"

Monday, October 2 

Jennifer Beer
University of California, Davis
"Controlling the Integration of Ecomotion and Cognition" 

Monday, October 9 

Norbert Schwartz
University of Michigan
"Constructing heuristics on the spot: Diverging inferences from identical inputs" 

Monday, October 16 

Jens Fortser
International University Bremen
"Novelty Theory: Implications for Abstract and Concrete Processing Styles" 

Monday, October 23 

Sian Beilock
University of Chicago
"On the Causal Mechanisms of Stereotype Threat: Can Skills That Don't Rely Heavily on Working Memory Still Be Threatened?" 

Monday, October 30 

E. Tory Higgins
Columbia University
"Value From Hedonic Experience and Engagement" 

Monday, November 6 

David Pizarro
Cornell University
"Motivated Moral Reasoning"

Monday, November 13 

Amy Cuddy
Northwestern University
"Social Structural Causes and Emotional and Behavioral Consequences of Competence and Warmth Stereotypes" 

Monday, November 27 

Daniel Molden
Northwestern University
"Self-Regulation in Response to Social Exclusion: On Being Rejected Versus Being Ignored"

Monday, December 4 

Ethan Kross
Columbia University
"When Asking 'Why' Does Not Hurt" 

Tuesday, December 5 

Justin L. Storebeck
University of Virginia
"With Sadness Comes Accuracy; Happiness, False Memories: Mood Governs Memories"