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Fall 2004 Workshops

Monday, November 29

Jim Shah
"The Automatic Pursuit and Management of Goals"

Monday, November 15

Ed Hirt
Indiana University
"Activating a mental stimulation mind-set through generation of alternatives"

Monday, November 8

Peter Gollwitzer
"Flexible tenacity in goal pursuit"

Monday, November 1

Melissa Ferguson
"Liking is for doing: The effects of goal pursuit on automatic evaluation"

Monday, October 25

Paul Slovic
University of Oregon
"Choice among gambles: What have we learned from half a century of research?"

Monday, October 18

Yechiel Flar
Tel Aviv University
"Dodo judgments and Dodo decisions in attractive and unattractive choice sets: 'Everybody has won, and all must have prizes'"

Monday, October 11

George Loewenstein
"Animal Spirits: Affective and deliberative processes in economic behavior"

Monday, October 4

Grainne Fitzsimmons
"Interpersonal causes and consequences of nonconscious goal pursuit"