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Downtown Chicago Research Lab

In the fall of 2008, the Center for Decision Research opened a new private research facility in downtown Chicago, located in the Loop, at the corner of Clark and Adams streets, right across from Federal Plaza. At the Downtown Lab, our researchers conduct studies with a more broad population of participants, outside of the University of Chicago campus community.

Participants are always needed for studies conducted at the Downtown Lab. Studies are conducted by appointment only, and all participants must first sign up through our online portal. To learn more about participating in our research and to register for an account, click here

Studies range in duration from five minutes to an hour or more, and each pays at least $12 per hour ($1 per five minutes). You can take more than one study per visit, but you may only participate once in any given study. Please note that you can sign up to be a participant in only one of our two lab locations.

Researchers can learn more information about conducting research at the Downtown Lab by visiting this password-protected information page, which requires an authorized Chicago Booth login and password. If you are a researcher seeking information about using the lab and do not have a valid login and password, please contact Rebecca White.

210 S Clark St, Suite 1510
Chicago, IL 60603

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