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Stav Atir


Stav Atir

Recorded July, 2019

Stav Atir

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PhD, Psychology, Cornell University
BS, Psychology, Yale University


Stav Atir is a post-doctoral principal researcher at the CDR. She earned her BS in Psychology from Yale University and her PhD in Psychology from Cornell University. Her research is in the areas of judgment and decision-making and social cognition, and focuses on the way people think of themselves and others. In particular, she is interested in how people can tell what they know and what they don't know (knowledge and meta-knowledge), as well as in issues surrounding gender in professional contexts.

Stav grew up in sunny Tel Aviv. She likes good coffee and cryptic crosswords.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Atir S. & Ferguson, M. J. (2018). How Gender Determines the Way We Speak About Professionals. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115, 7278-7283.

Atir S., Rosenzweig, E., & Dunning D. A. (2015). When Knowledge Knows No Bounds: Self-Perceived Expertise Predicts Claiming of Impossible Knowledge. Psychological Science, 26, 1295-1303.

Atir, S., & Ferguson, M. J. (August 13, 2018). Do you use someone's first name or last? The answer speaks volumes. Wall Street Journal.