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Quinn Hirschi

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PhD, Social Psychology, University of Virginia
BA, Philosophy, University of Texas


Before coming to Booth to work as a Principal Researcher with Dr. Nick Epley, Quinn earned her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Virginia, where she worked with Dr. Tim Wilson. She also worked as a Lab Manager in the UT Austin Psychology Department and as an AmeriCorps member and earned her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy (with honors) from UT Austin.


Quinn studies how people perceive one another in conversations and has discovered several mistaken beliefs people hold about how to make a good first impression. For example, she has found people think they should speak less than 50% of the time to be likable in a conversation with someone new, when in fact, people actually like those who speak up a bit more. Ultimately, Quinn hopes to help improve people’s social lives by understanding and redirecting mistaken beliefs like this.


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